Traffickers at the ‘El Chapo’ trial say drugs aren’t smuggled through open parts of the border

WASHINGTON– Most medicine are smuggled into the USA onboard fishing boats, trains, tractor-trailers and unusual automobiles that come into the country at authorized ports of entry, based on former cartel members who’ve testified within the trial of infamous cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Some cartel members have testified about using underground tunnels. However none have stated they’ve transported medicine into the USA at unwalled sections of the border.

The testimony comes at a time when President Donald Trump’s push for a border wall consists of arguments that it might assist stop the stream of medicine into america.

Trump tweeted Friday that and not using a steel barrier or wall alongside the US-Mexico border, “our Country can’t be protected. Criminals, Gangs, Human Traffickers, Medicine & a lot different huge hassle can simply pour in. It may be stopped chilly!”

US Border Patrol seized almost 480,000 kilos of narcotics on the US-Mexico border between legal ports of entry throughout fiscal yr 2018, stated Division of Homeland Safety spokeswoman Katie Waldman. But the department has not offered knowledge concerning the quantity of medicine seized by authorities at legal border crossings.

A spokeswoman for the Drug Enforcement Company, Mary Brandenberger, stated she was unable to offer extra details because of the lapse in authorities funding through the partial shutdown.

From tunnels to legal ports of entry

In Guzman’s case, the federal government’s personal witnesses — lots of them former Mexican cartel associates — testified that after the federal government cracked down on smuggling tunnels, they started relying on legal ports of entry to convey medicine into the country.

Former excessive-ranking Sinaloa cartel chief Jesus Zambada Garcia testified about Guzman’s use of tunnels in the early Nineteen Nineties to shortly smuggle medicine akin to cocaine into the USA, earning him the nickname “El Rapido,” or “The Quick One.”

“(A tunnel) is probably the most safe solution to cross medicine to the US — the simplest option to cross over weapons,” Zambada Garcia testified.

Zambada Garcia was arrested in Mexico Metropolis in 2008 and extradited to america, the place he pleaded guilty to importing, distributing and selling cocaine and belonging to a unbroken felony enterprise. He has not been sentenced but might face between 10 years and life in jail.

He stated that in the late Nineteen Eighties to early Nineteen Nineties, 95% of cocaine was introduced into the USA by a tunnel beneath Arizona’s border with Mexico. However as regulation enforcement began discovering and shutting tunnels, cartel administration directed medicine to move into america in other ways.

Tractor-trailers have been, and continue to be, a well-liked technique of smuggling in narcotics. Some vans are fitted with a “double bottom” that has hidden compartments. Others are full of items, comparable to giant cans of chilis, that include sand surrounding a specifically made, cylindrical brick of cocaine. If shaken by authorities, the sand makes the cans…

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