Man finds 7-foot snake slithering into dryer vent

YUKON, Okla. – An Oklahoma man was pressured to behave shortly when he realized he had a slithering surprise waiting for him in his dryer vent.

“There was an enormous snake. It went from the gate, right through the AC unit and we saw it up within the dryer vent, going inside,” stated Wayne Melvin, who discovered a snake at his residence.

An almost 7-foot snake was making its approach by way of a dryer gap, which leads straight to his home.

“We pulled the dryer out. We took it aside to see if we might discover this factor. We didn’t want it in the home,” Melvin stated.

Thankfully the snake didn’t make it that far. Realizing there was no place to go, the reptile tried to slither its means again out.

“The one thing that was protruding the subsequent time was the top. And I’m not gonna attempt to grab that,” Melvin stated.

Fairly than calling a pest management firm, Melvin decided to see if the snake would come out on its own.

“We gave it a bit bit of time to return out naturally as an alternative of injuring or killing it,” Melvin stated.

He stated with a house that backs as much as a creek, he’s seen snakes nearby earlier than. But had by no means handled something like this earlier than.

“It scared me,” Melvin stated. “It was undoubtedly a unique location. Usually you discover them hidden in very obvious places. Not your dryer vent.”

After the vent was snake-free, Melvin threw some gloves on and carried the snake to the creek behind his house, letting it return where it belonged.

“They eat rats and rodents. In order that’s rather a lot higher than different issues that come from these woods,” Melvin stated.

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