Letters: After Notre Dame; CU Regents’ pick for president; Tax cuts, tax increases; Admissions cheaters (4/17/19)

After Notre Dame, build cathedrals of compassion

Re: “Notre Dame in flames,” April sixteen information story

From the ashes of Notre-Dame de Paris, we believers and admirers can decide to building new cathedrals of compassion which will take as long to construct, and last as long as a millennium.

In case you have lived over the turn of the millennium, I’m urging us to know what a privilege it’s.
I’m afraid Sep 11/01 has arrested us People. Allow us to decide up our wounded and stroll. Don’t hunker down or bunker up, develop into paralyzed by grief and genuine loss. Start dwelling cathedrals of compassion, made from dwelling stones.

Dennis Kennedy, Longmont

Pricey France,

On behalf of the American majority that didn’t vote for President Donald Trump, please accept our apology for having to take the time in the midst of one among your most dire emergencies to elucidate to Trump why his recommendation to “use flying water tankers” would almost definitely have brought about further destruction to your loved one Notre Dame Cathedral.

And thanks for being so type as to Tweet back in English so even he might read it.
With nice unhappiness on your devastating loss,

Cynthia Stone, Denver

CU Regents’ decide for president proves divisive

Re: “Regents: Kennedy for president,” April eleven information story

As a scholar at a large state university within the Nineteen Seventies, I never knew the political beliefs of our college president, and didn’t care.

The fact that he was of a special race from me and most of my fellow students was also irrelevant. All that mattered was his efficient leadership of the university. It’s time to maneuver beyond id politics.

Roger Linfield, Boulder

Regents didn’t do their homework.

The number of an extremely-proper candidate to grow to be the subsequent president of the University of Colorado proves most of the flaws in greater schooling. Our public universities have turn into large corporate corporations, geared initially to profit and obscene wealth derived on the backs of tuition and taxes. College students and taxpayers come final.

The mere proven fact that the essential foundations for supporting a liberal, humanist schooling and selling civic duty would fall prey to the choice of executives and administrators who staunchly favor denying ladies the correct to make their own reproductive healthcare selections is abhorrent.
No higher, the finalist to turn out to be the subsequent president of CU has a lifelong public document of supporting business and conflict that in flip all the time has and all the time will result in pollution and destruction.

For a university that claims its mission is grounded in research for the power and character of undergraduate schooling, the CU Regents didn’t do their very own analysis.

Jeffery Moser, Aurora

There weren’t tax cuts or tax increases for everyone

Re: “Colorado stole your Trump tax reduce,” April 14 Jon Caldera column

Caldera cherry-picked impacts of Trump’s tax on Colorado residents to, as traditional, bash Democrats.
That sick conceived and rushed Trump tax reduce had many unintended…

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