Colorado Parks and Wildlife suspends SeaQuest aquarium’s license

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials have suspended the license of the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium at a Jefferson County mall after dozens of complaints and reviews of accidents at the facility since it opened last summer time.

The department held a listening to for SeaQuest and determined to droop the aquarium’s license for two years after it had “quite a few violation episodes and failed to stick to several of the circumstances of their state licensure,” in line with a CPW information launch. The suspension applies to species on the aquarium which are regulated by the CPW.

The aquarium plans to remain open at the Southwest Plaza mall in Littleton and exchange those species with people who don’t require licensing by the CPW, the division stated.

SeaQuest spokesperson Elsa MacDonald stated the suspension handled regulated animals and stated the power needed to ship some animals — including otters, capybara, kookaburra, some fish, a sloth and three varieties of snakes — to their sister amenities, which the spokesperson stated individuals weren’t capable of interact with.


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