24 hours after leaving work at DIA, stranded bomb cyclone motorist gets home

Brian Fischer has been stuck in snow storms within the mountains, but he by no means expected to be stranded near his Nissan Sentra for nearly 24 hours in Aurora.

The Southwest Airways worker was leaving Denver Worldwide Airport to go residence on Wednesday when about 1:30 p.m., he reached a standstill at Jackson Hole and 57th Avenue, together with about 60 other automobiles. He remained there until Thursday afternoon.

There was an excessive amount of snow to keep going, and the plows have been nowhere to be seen. Fischer couldn’t get round any of the other automobiles.

So he found ways to bide his time.

“I sat and watched some films in my automotive and listened to the radio,” he stated.

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He ate some Cheetos and almonds and drank the green tea he had available. He used the restroom and warmed up within the lobby of the nearby High-quality Airport Parking facility. He attempted to get out when a truck from the parking facility tried to clear some snow for a tow truck. The tow truck was referred to as to rescue a automotive that fell right into a ditch — after which it additionally received stuck.

On Wednesday night time, Aurora police rescued 200 individuals. Fischer wasn’t among them — he didn’t need to abandon his automotive. Police and National Guard transported individuals to shelters.

At 9:forty p.m. Wednesday, Aurora police tweeted, pleading individuals not to drive, particularly to the airport.

“56th & sixty fourth, backroads to the airport are utterly undrivable & we try to assist w multiple rescues,” the company wrote.

Metropolis of Aurora spokeswoman Julie Patterson stated the town’s plow vans prioritize roads based mostly on use, giving priority to main streets that require emergency entry. Then the town strikes to streets with greater volume visitors after which to secondary streets.

“Due to the severity of the storm and all the challenges with the wind, it requires us to return and redo every little thing,” Patterson stated Thursday. She encouraged residents to be affected person.

Automobiles are stranded near 57th Avenue and Jackson Gap in Aurora on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. (Photograph courtesy of Brian Fischer)

Fischer wasn’t necessarily stuck — but he couldn’t transfer because of the other automobiles.

Since about 6:30 a.m., he’d been making an attempt to get out again however a car was in his approach.

“I’m simply sitting and ready, hoping that anyone will are available with a tow truck and tow this…

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